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AVjog video kabeltester

AVjog video kabeltester

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The AVjog video kabeltester. De meest uitgebreide kabel tester voor professioneel gebruik.

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De AVjog video kabeltester.

De meest uitgebreide kabel tester voor professioneel gebruik. Geschikt voor:

  • DVI;
  • HDMI;
  • SCART;
  • VGA;
  • RJ-45;
  • DIN;
  • USB;
  • XLR;
  • Jack;
  • Phono;
  • BNC;
  • Coaxial.

CableJoG has introduced the Avjog cable tester.
Avjog provides a two-box solution to testing installed cables where both ends of the cable cannot be plugged into a single tester. Each box carries a range of connectors as used in AV industry applications including DVI, HDMI, SCART, VGA, RJ-45, DIN, USB, XLR, Jack, Phono, BNC and Coaxial.

The cable under test has to be connected to the local and remote Avjog units before pressing the ‘test’ button. The local unit checks all the connections found against an internal database of known cables and displays the name of the cable that best fits the connections found, together with ‘passed’ or ‘failed’, and any differences shown.

The Avjog can be powered either by four AAA batteries or via a plug-top power supply. We believe the AVjog is a unique product and represents a significant advance in cable testing for the AV industry.

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